Business myths that you need to avoid

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted.  People get discouraged on starting a business because of the myths that circulate all over. As much as the saying goes that a business is a risk some rumors that spread about businesses are not true. This article will look at those myths and try to demystify them. It is a must to have […]

How to conduct online business marketing

In the current society for online business marketing to be successful use of google and other search engines is highly necessary. For such business to be a success use of the internet is highly essential. These means more time is spent surfing the net either marketing the product or finding for means to sell out your product. Marketing a business […]

Franchising a startup

A company that is offering quality and valuable products might want to open up subsidiaries in other different locations to increase its customer base. Not only does this increase the company’s profits but it also ensures that you can reach an even wider circle of new customers. This type of business plan requires some investigation into the business environment and […]